Transforming marine science into health, food and energy applications.

Marine Biotech

North Carolina is a coastal state with a wealth of natural resources and human capital invested in marine science.

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center created the Marine Bio-Technologies Center of Innovation (MBCOI) to help transform those capabilities into commercial successes.

MBCOI is a Wilmington-based nonprofit with satellite offices in Morehead City and the Research Triangle Park. It serves as a nexus for information, collaboration and commercialization of marine biotechnologies among domestic and international stakeholders.

Their collaborations that cross academic and industry lines help transform innovative aquacultural discoveries into products and services that can help stimulate North Carolina’s economic growth. These applications include:

Marine Biotech Applications for NC

  • Health - pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals and biomaterials for medical devices

  • Energy – including biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel from coastal resources

  • Aquatic Food - aquaculture, novel and emerging uses of natural marine resources

  • Diagnostics - enzymes, biochemicals and methods for detection/quantification of contaminants in food or water from marine environments

The MBCOI is guided by a Board of Directors.

View a white paper: MBCOI White Paper - A Nexus for Marine Biotechnology

Access to all North Carolina aquaculture and marine science companies can be found on the Company Directory.

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