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Biotechnology & Life Sciences Careers

Did you know the average salary for a life sciences job in North Carolina is $112,000?

That’s nearly twice the pay earned by other private-sector workers statewide. North Carolina employs 75,000 in the life sciences and our robust training programs continue to grow that pipeline.

What Jobs Are Available in the Life Sciences Industry?

North Carolina’s life sciences sector offers a variety of jobs with various educational requirements. Whether you are a recent graduate or seeking a career change, there are ample job opportunities, including:

  • Laboratory Technician 
  • Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Research
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources

Employees in these positions collaborate to develop, test and produce vaccines and life-saving treatments that improve lives worldwide. 

Are you a professional seeking a career change or an employer looking to recruit talent? The resources below can connect you with your next opportunity.

Employer looking for talent?

Considering a career in biotechnology?

Are you a student or recent graduate in the life sciences or business administration? Or a company in need of that kind of expertise?

Our industrial internship program helps students transition to careers in the state’s life sciences sector. Participating companies can gain valuable assistance with a broad range of product development and business development activities.

The application process begins with companies submitting proposed projects in January. Check back for information.

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