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Science at Your Desktop

Reduced-Rate Access to Scientific Journals and Database Subscriptions

Life Science Intelligence partners with scientific content providers to help your research team get the information it needs at rates your company can afford. The following products are available at subscription rates negotiated for North Carolina companies (eligibility requirements apply).

Document Delivery Service

Not ready for a full subscription, or need access to articles that fall outside of your subscriptions? Life Science Intelligence can be your one-stop shop for ordering full-text articles.

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Elsevier's ScienceDirect and eBooks
Elsevier offers their ScienceDirect Corporate Edition (full text scientific journals database with backfiles; see journal list here) with optional add-on Cell Press journals and eBooks subscriptions.

Elsevier's Scopus Citation Database
Elsevier's Scopus Citation Database is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.

Special offer: See details for 2020 pricing (PDF)

For questions or more information, contact us at research@ncbiotech.org

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