BATON Referral Network

The BATON Referral Network is a community of life science professionals committed to the growth of North Carolina-based companies.

These service providers and CEO candidates represent a vast array of business and technical expertise, and were prequalified by NCBiotech. Service providers pledge to contribute services or provide preferential pricing for referrals coming through the BATON network database.

There is no cost to qualified Service Providers to participate in the BATON program.  However, participating Service Providers are expected to offer some or all of their services for referrals coming through the BATON network database under one or more of the following terms: pro bono, discounted, at cost, deferred, fixed cost, service for equity.

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www.dhmri.orgBiostatistics, Bioinformatics, & HPC;Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry;Human Performance, Nutrition, & Physiology;Crystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR;Genetics & Genomics;Imaging & Microdissection;Other -omics & Analytical
700 and 950 MHz NMRs, Next-Gen Sequencing, Genomics, Epigenetics, RNA analysis, Analytical Chemistry, Proteomics and Protein Chemistry, Metabolomics, and Flow Cytometry., Bioinformatics, & HPC;Nanotechnology
Clinical Quality First LLC
A quality assurance consultancy providing support to the biotech and pharma industries
Quality Assurance & Control
Patent Attorney
Myers Bigel, P.A.
Patent counseling, preparation and prosecution in life sciences and agricultural biotechnology including expertise in procuring plant patents and plant variety protection; patentability, validity, freedom to operate, infringement analyses
Intellectual Property
Manufacturing, Technology & Product Development
Smith Anderson
R&D collaborations, patent licenses, university IP licensing, M&A; agricultural biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, including genetic engineering, gene discovery, trait development, animal health, precision ag, biologics, devices and drug development
Corporate Legal, Intellectual Property, Licensing & Technology Transfer
Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics
East Carolina University
Organic chemist and biochemist. My research interests fall into two areas: The characterization of metalloproteins and the use of organic/peptide synthesis as a tool to understand biological processes and to develop therapeutics.
Chemistry, Education & Training
Executive Director, Biotechnology Center of Excellence
Alamance Community College
Career includes roles in the lab, leading R&D, project management, contract research (CRO) for biopharma companies, sales, entrepreneur, consultant, investor, economic development, academia, innovation, translational medicine to develop new drugs/devices
Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Preclinical Development, Contract Research (CRO), - CEO Candidate -, Business Mentoring, Business Plan Writing, Education & Training, Licensing & Technology Transfer, Operations, Technology & Product Development
Board Director
T3D Therapeutics Inc.
Professional board member (e.g., recent Chairman of a medical device company), mentor and consultant to emergent technology companies. Former CEO/COO and legal executive in the pharma, life sciences, medtech and contract research sectors.
Board Development, - CEO Candidate -, Business Mentoring, Business Development, Operations, Licensing & Technology Transfer, Corporate Legal, Bioinformatics, Clinical Development, Contract Research (CRO), Human Resources, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Affairs, Technology & Product Development
Research Associate in Molecular Breeding
I'm passionate about plant breeding and deploying the knowledge to develop better crops. By leveraging the cutting-edge molecular breeding technology within a highly diverse team, I am dedicated and aspired to make an impact on the seed industry.
Education & Training, Intellectual Property, Licensing & Technology Transfer, Quality Assurance & Control, Technology & Product Development
Smith Anderson
I help companies grow through navigating merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, financing transactions, and other corporate transactions, including intellectual property licensing, collaborations, and securities offerings.
Corporate Legal, Intellectual Property, Licensing & Technology Transfer
Founder and Chief Science Officer
Lepus Biosciences
Life science innovator; leader of R&D and business teams; technology commercialization & evaluation; translational research; product development; technology platforms and tools; expert molecular & cell biology, Agbio, biodefense & marine bio
- CEO Candidate -, Bioinformatics, Business Development, Grants & Technical Writing, Market Research, Technology & Product Development Culture & Flow Cytometry
Cell Sorting, Flow Cytometry, CytoFLEX, BD LSRII, MoFlo-XDP, AutoMACS, Seahorse XF, LunaII cell counter, Flourochromes, Lasers, BSL2, BSL2+ cell sorting Culture & Flow Cytometry
Flow Cytometry analysis, Cell Sorting, BSL-2 containment, Cell Cycle, Cell Division, Protein expression, Microparticle analysis, Cell phenotyping with fluores. antibodies, viability, Signaling, Cytokine expression, Mass Cytometry
We welcome investigators from RTP companies and institutions Culture & Flow Cytometry;Imaging & Microdissection
Imaging, microdissection, flow cytometry, protein analysis
Cell/Tissue Culture & Flow Cytometry;Imaging & Microdissection;Other -omics & Analytical
Open to outside users collaborating with BRITE investigators.
Senior Validation Engineer
RPA Engineering
Significant experience in the development and execution of utilities and equipment Commissioning, FATs, IQ/OQ/PQ, Environmental Monitoring, Process Validation
Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance & Control, Operations, Manufacturing, Laboratory Supplies & Equipment, Laboratory Space, Engineering/Instrumentation, Compliance
Casimir Jones S.C.
Patent law, chemistry, PhD
Chemistry, Intellectual Property
Founder & Chairman
Ken Clark Partners LLC
Working with CEO's of start-up and fast growth life sciences companies to maximize the performance and contribution of their executive team.
- CEO Candidate -, Human Resources
Quality Assurance and Compliance; GCP/GLP/GCLP/GMP/CSV/Part 11; Training, auditing, SOPs; drugs, devices, biologics, dietary supplements
Clinical Development, Compliance, Operations, Quality Assurance & Control, Regulatory Affairs
Director and Principal Scientist
Allergen Science & Consulting
Enthusiastic and innovative biologist focused on the biomedical field. Professional experience developed in clinical laboratories, academia, and the corporate world. Excellent instructor and respected speaker with outstanding leadership skills.
Quality Assurance & Control, Medical Writing, Manufacturing, Grants & Technical Writing, Foreign Language Services, Education & Training
Vice President, Client Operations and Services
Synergistix, Inc.
Healthcare executive with deep experience in Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Analytical Delivery and Enterprise Technology, as well as Pipeline/Portfolio/Aquisition Management.
Business Development, - CEO Candidate -, Business Mentoring, Business Plan Writing, Data Management, Market Research, Information Technology, Operations, Sales & Marketing
Director, Account Team
KONTEK Systems
Since 1988, KONTEK Systems has been an audio/video integration firm headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, providing custom AV design, integration and support for leading research universities, medical facilities and corporations.
Technology & Product Development, Laboratory Supplies & Equipment, Information Technology, Education & Training, Data Management
CEO and Principal Consultant
Xyzagen Inc.
Chris is the Principal Consultant at Xyzagen. Xyzagen is a drug discovery and clinical pharmacology consulting and services firm. Xyzagen, provides consulting, PK modeling, and nonGLP rodent pharmacology, bioanalysis and PK in their laboratory space.
Technology & Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, Preclinical Development, Medical Writing, Licensing & Technology Transfer, Laboratory Space, Contract Research (CRO), Clinical Development, - CEO Candidate -, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
Small molecule X-ray crystallography, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
macromolecular crystallography, crystal growth, x-ray diffraction, synchrotron access, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
NMR spectroscopy, high field NMR, structural biology, molecular characterization, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR
NMR structural analysis, NMR screening, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR;Bioprocessing;Nanotechnology;Other -omics & Analytical;Pathology/Histology;Pharmaceutical & Drug Discovery
Bruker Avance III HD 850 Spectrometer, Bruker Avance III HD 700 MHz Spectrometer,Bruker Avance III HD 600 MHz Spectrometer,Bruker Avance III HD 500 MHz Spectrometer. Three TCI cryoprobes and one QCI. High-throughput Sample Jet sample changer,, X-ray Diffraction, NMR, & EPR;Diagnostic Microbiology;Imaging & Microdissection;Nanotechnology
electron microscopy, spectroscopy, spectrometry, diffraction, atomic force microscopy, nanoindentation