North Carolina AgTech Regulatory Forum

Mission Statement

The North Carolina AgTech Regulatory Forum is a collaboration of AgTech regulatory leaders seeking to lend expertise to the benefit of the state and more specifically, the Research Triangle Park region.  As such, our purpose is to build and strengthen the North Carolina AgTech community through knowledge sharing, advocacy, and outreach.  We aim to elevate others’ interest and understanding of AgTech regulations to meet the community’s needs and build a continuously improving talent pool in North Carolina.

Membership Guidelines

NC AgTech Regulatory Forum is a community of faculty, students, postdocs, and professionals (governmental and non-governmental) in agriculture sciences interested in new and old technologies and their regulations. The NC AgTech Regulatory Forum will organize events open to the public, which will require registration and occasionally a minimum fee. The events will be advertised at local universities, agriculture-related companies in the RTP area, and NCBiotech. 



We'd like to thank our current sponsors:

  • BASF
  • Envu
  • Greenlights Biosciences
  • Intrinsyx Bio
  • Mosaic Biosciences

Scientific Support: NCSU - Crop and Soil Sciences

We have sponsorship opportunities available, so please contact for more information.

Advisory Board

  • Ali Scott: VP, Global Regulatory Affairs Seeds - BASF

  • Dan Jenkins: VP, Regulatory/Government Affairs and Quality - Pairwise

  • Lisa Zannoni: Senior Regulatory Advisor - Norfolk Healthy Produce

  • Nandini Mendu: Senior Director, Agriculture Sector Dev - NCBiotech

Steering Committee Members

  • Diana I. Arias (Chair): Head, Regulatory Affairs Seeds - North America - BASF

  • Jennifer Lilly (Vice Chair): Director, Regulatory – Mosaic Biosciences 

  • Dylan Thomas: Head of Global Regulatory Affairs - Intrinsyx Bio

  • Keith Edmisten: Professor of Crop and Soil Sciences & Extension Cotton Specialist - NCSU

  • Miriam Frugis: Director of Global Regulatory Affairs - Greenlights Biosciences

  • Charles Levey: North America Regulatory Affairs Leader – Envu

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