Vote today for RTP’s UVision360 Hysteroscopy Systems

By Mindy Hamlin, NCBiotech Writer

College basketball teams are not the only ones competing in a tournament this spring.

UVision360 Hysteroscopy Systems, based in Research Triangle Park, has been chosen by Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD+DI), a print and online magazine, to participate in its annual Medtech Startup Showdown.

Round 1 kicked off this week, and our technology community can ensure one of our own makes it to Round 2 by voting now.

What is UVision360?

Led by CEO Allison London Brown, UVision360 is focused on the development of an office-based, all-in-one gynecological system that will change the way the doctors view and operate in the endometrial cavity.

Due to its smaller size and price point, the device will allow gynecologists to perform global hysteroscopic procedures within the office and with limited anesthesia. The system is equipped with superior visualization due to the device’s high-definition optics and integrated flow system. The operative channel enables therapeutic procedures that can be done in the office.

CEO Allison London Brown      -- UVision360 photos

“The value proposition on the patient side is that it is a smaller device, which means less anesthetic and, since the procedure can be done in your doctor’s office, there is a lesser copay and a faster diagnosis,” says London Brown.

In 2016 the North Carolina Biotechnology Center awarded UVision360 a $250,000 Small Business Research Loan to help advance the important technology. That means all state taxpayers have a stake in UVision360's success.

“This region offers startups a collaborative and supportive community that is unique,” said London Brown. “I am so grateful for the support UVision360 has received from the science community, including NCBiotech, First Flight Venture Center and CED. They have been instrumental in moving our business forward and telling our story.”

London Brown is committed to leveraging her start-up and corporate experience to help the next generation of product development leaders. While she guides UVision360, she is also supporting the RTP networks that provide mentorship to women and students who are seeking to succeed in entrepreneurship and scientific fields.

What is the Medtech Startup Showdown?

UVision360, as a medical device startup, entered this year’s competition and was selected by MD+DI as one of the first 16 to compete. Entrants are paired in brackets, and visitors to the website can choose their favorite device. Each week’s winners will proceed to the next round.

Round 1 voting will be open until the end of the day on Sunday, March 26. Round 2 will open on Monday, March 27. The publication will announce the champion Monday, April 17, and the winner will be profiled on MD+DI. 

Vote for UVision360 today!

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