RTP Named a Top 10 Emerging Startup Ecosystem

Entrepreneurship has deep roots in the United States. To be an entrepreneur is to be ambitious, creative and hardworking. And to be a top emerging ecosystem for entrepreneurship is just as high an honor. 

In the Global Startup Ecosystem Report of 2020, Startup Genome named the Research Triangle #10 among emerging startup ecosystems. North Carolina was well represented on the international level, as both Charlotte and Wilmington joined RTP in the top 100.  

While RTP can’t compete with top overall ecosystems like Silicon Valley, it is competitive with emerging ones. This category is reserved for cities and regions on a strong growth path, winning increasing levels of recognition and investment.

In composing this report, Startup Genome researched nearly 300 ecosystems from New Zealand to Nashville. Data was compiled from online sources, venture capitalists and global databases, as well as the company’s own results from over 100 interviews and 20,000 startup survey ecosystem responses.

These regions were scored from 1 to 10 in four categories: performance, funding, market reach, and talent. RTP received perfect scores in both performance and talent, a nine in funding, and a five in market reach. 

According to the report, RTP is the #2 emerging ecosystem in United States, behind Philadelphia which placed #8 globally. Other ecosystems sitting in the top 10 were Mumbai, Jakarta, Zurich, Greater Helsinki, Guangzhou, Barcelona, Madrid, and Manchester-Liverpool, respectively.

North Carolina made itself known in other categories as well. When measured in economic output, RTP ranked #6 in the world, valued at $9.7 billion.

Given that the life sciences contribute heavily to startup culture in RTP, part of this dignified appraisal must be attributed to the success of North Carolina’s bioscience sector. Just as an entrepreneur grows a business, RTP has grown to be an impressive startup ecosystem.  On this path, we’re likely to find RTP on the top overall startup ecosystems list in the future.

Rachyl Jones, NCBiotech Writer
Tue, 06/30/2020 - 12:21