Inside View: Women in Bio Can Have it All


It was an unusual statement, one that Women in Bio leader Christine Warrington greeted with loud applause.

Prathima Acharya, CSO of KBI, had just claimed women could have it all.

“We’re beautiful, we’re intelligent, we can have it all,” she said.

This was the first of a long list of insights from C-level panel at Thursday’s Women in Bio quarterly professional development meeting. Claudia Black of G-Zero Therapeutics  moderated the panel and was joined by Dr. Amanda Elam of Galaxy Diagnostics,  Karen Adams of KJA Associates and Sheila Mikhail of Life Sciences Law, in addition to Acharya.

These women went on to throw out a reporter’s dream list of sound bites. They included some standards: don’t be afraid of change; be adaptable; reach outside of your comfort zone. My favorites:

  • You will encounter sexism. Counter it with humor, and know who you are. (Sheila Mikhail)
  • Go straight for the experts. If there’s something you don’t know, ask the people who know it best. (Amanda Elam)
  • Find people who challenge you. Surround yourself with people who have diverse knowledge. This will allow you to step out of your comfort zone. (Karen Adams)

Keep calm and carry on

The women peppered their advice with stories about challenging negotiations, board meetings or daily interactions that had the crowd laughing. As I listened, I began to believe that I could clear any obstacle in my path.

Which leads me to my favorite insight from the meeting, courtesy of Karen Adams.

You have to believe you can do the thing you cannot do.

Good advice for being truly unlimited in your career. What was your favorite takeaway from the meeting?

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