Grant Funding Opportunities: 1/2/2015

Weekly Grant Funding Opportunities

Please feel free to send special funding search requests any time (  Grant funding requests are included our regular research and include a fee of $100/hour. Also, let us know if any of your partners have submitted grant applications to funding announcements posted in the weekly grant alert emails.  We would love to hear of their successes!

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Major Change to NIH SBIR/STTR Dates (Retroactive to Dec 5, 2014):

The NIH has just announced a major change to its SBIR/STTR proposal date cycle. In this case a "cycle" is synonymous with a proposal receipt date.

The NIH is extending their current PHS 2014-02 Omnibus Solicitation (PA-14-071) from 3 cycles to 4. That means the "non-aids" topics (whose 3rd cycle ended Dec 5, 2014) now has an additional 4th cycle with a receipt date of April 5, 2015. Likewise, the aids topics (whose 3rd cycle ends Jan 7, 2015) has a 4th cycle receipt date of May 7, 2015. This includes CDC, FDA and ACF. The current PHS 2014-02 Omnibus Solicitation will expire on May 8, 2015, so there will be no August receipt date.

So if you missed the Dec 5 receipt date, and/or if you want to make additional proposals to NIH, you are good through April 5, 2015 (non-aids) and May 7, 2015 (for aids related).

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Upcoming Deadlines

Deadline: 2/11/2015

Agency: North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Program: Collaborative Funding Grant

Description: The Collaborative Funding Grant (CFG) supports a university-company partnership that will advance a company’s technology toward the marketplace. This grant provides funds for a post-doctoral fellow or technician in a university lab to conduct research on a project of commercial interest. University investigators and companies first form the collaboration and then apply together through the university.

Award Amount: $100,000


Eligibility: Principal Investigators are eligible if: They hold a full-time tenure track faculty position at a North Carolina academic institution or a full-time permanent appointment at a non-profit research institution.  See guidelines for details on PIs who hold a position in the partnering company. Companies are eligible if: The company is a North Carolina-based company engaged in life science research, development or manufacturing with demonstrated IP owned or licensed by the company; and additional requirements as indicated in the 2015 Cycle 2 guidelines. OR The company is a national or multinational company with significant presence in North Carolina such as a research or manufacturing facility or regional headquarters. The collaboration must involve the North Carolina entity.


New Opportunities

Deadline: 2/3/2015

Agency: National Institutes of Health

Program: Interdisciplinary Research to Understand the Vascular Contributions to Alzheimer's Disease (R01)

Description: The goal of this funding opportunity announcement is to support interdisciplinary research that will lead to a greater understanding of the mechanisms by which vascular factors contribute to the complex etiology of Alzheimer's disease.

Award Amount: $ 750,000


Eligibility: State, county or city governments; public and private institutes of higher education; school districts; small businesses; nonprofits; Native American tribal organizations; others

Deadline: 2/6/2015

Agency: National Institutes of Health

Program: Cancer Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment Technologies for Global Health (UH2/UH3)

Description: This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is an initiative to support the development of cancer-relevant technologies suitable for use in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Specifically, the FOA solicits applications for projects to adapt, apply, and validate existing or emerging technologies into a new generation of user-friendly, low-cost devices or assays that are clinically comparable to currently used technologies for imaging, in vitro detection/diagnosis, prevention or treatment of cancers in humans living in LMICs. Funds will be made available through the UH2/UH3 phased innovation cooperative agreement award mechanism. Applicants should have a working assay or prototype (not necessarily already capable of cancer applications). The initial UH2 exploratory phase will be a feasibility study to demonstrate technical functionality and clinical potential for use in LMIC settings by meeting specific performance milestones. UH2 projects that have met their milestones will be administratively considered by NCI and NIBIB and subsequently prioritized for transition to the UH3 validation phase. UH3 awards will support improvements and validations of the technologies in the LMIC settings. Projects proposed in response to this FOA will require multidisciplinary efforts to succeed and therefore all applicant teams must include expertise in engineering/assay/treatment development, oncology, global healthcare delivery, and business development. Investigators responding to this FOA must address both UH2 and UH3 phases.

Award Amount: up to $1,000,000


Eligibility: State, county or city governments; public and private institutes of higher education; school districts; small businesses; nonprofits; Native American tribal organizations; others

Deadline: 2/17/2015

Agency: National Science Foundation

Program: Biomechanics and Mechanobiology

Description: The BMMB Program supports fundamental research in biomechanics and mechanobiology. An emphasis is placed on multiscale mechanics approaches in the study of organisms that integrate across molecular, cell, tissue, and organ domains. The influence of in vivo mechanical forces on cell and matrix biology in the histomorphogenesis, maintenance, regeneration, and aging of tissues is an important concern. In addition, the relationships between mechanical behavior and extracellular matrix composition and organization are of interest. Funded projects may include theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches. The program encourages the consideration of diverse living tissues as smart materials that are self-designing.

Award Amount: $5,000-400,000


Eligibility: Unrestricted

Deadline: 3/1/2015

Agency: A-T Children's Project

Program: Ataxia-Telangiectasia Research Projects

Description: The A-T Children's Project strives to assist respected scientists in developing a clearer understanding of ataxia-telangiectasia and is determined to find a timely cure, or life-improving treatments, for this serious disease. Grants of up to $150,000 over two years will be awarded for basic and translational research projects related to A-T. Projects that apply innovative and novel strategies for suggesting, developing, and evaluating specific disease-modifying and symptomatic interventions are encouraged. A Letter of Intent is not required. However, prior to submission of a full-length proposal, applicants seeking input from the A-TCP scientific advisory board may submit an LOI directly to the A-TCP science coordinator at

Award Amount: $ 150,000


Eligibility: Proposals from junior investigators, scientists in related disciplines, and individuals with innovative new ideas for A-T research are encouraged, as are laboratories and teams working together from industry as well as teaching universities.

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