Fast-Growing BioAgilytix Adds Gear, People, Space

Gyrolab xP photo courtesy of Gyros AB

BioAgilytix Labs, a fast-growing Durham laboratory providing contract testing for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agricultural companies, has added two new high-efficiency testing devices to its arsenal.

BioAgilytix, which specializes in tests targeting drug candidates' safety, effectiveness and mechanisms of action, has acquired two Gyrolab xP workstations.

The workstations, made by Sweden’s Gyros AB, enable BioAgilytix to more quickly and accurately do more tests, using extremely small samples. Some materials, such as spinal fluid, may be available only in tiny samples. Multiple tests can require multiple samples of the precious fluid, making the Gyrolab technology especially valuable.

“As a trusted partner to six of the top 10 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, it is vital that we broaden our technology offering and continue to deliver the highest quality bioanalysis possible,” said Afshin Safavi, Ph.D., BioAgilytix founder and chief scientific officer.

“In the hands of our highly experienced scientists, the Gyros platform will allow BioAgilytix to continue to provide the quality data our customers have grown to expect, while also meeting growing capacity demands. Moreover, the nanoliter scale of the platform enables us to generate such data from small volumes of precious sample, maximizing the number of assays that can be performed.”

BioAgilytix is adding personnel and space to accommodate its growing business, according to Jay Tolley, vice president of business operations. He said the company expects to end 2013 with 55 employees. Its current 30,000-square-foot facility is expected to grow by 50 percent during the next 18 months, he said.

Jennifer Zemo, Ph.D., a principal scientist at BioAgilytix, also spoke about the company’s contract research and growth as a member of a panel at NCBiotech’s October monthly Jobs Network meeting.

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