Celebrating the Business of Transformation

Transforming idea to reality

Many of us chose a career in the life sciences to make a difference. To cure diseases. To improve the environment. To feed the world.

But it’s easy to focus on the details of our day— experiments, presentations, meetings, white papers, selling technologies, services and products—losing sight of that bigger picture. Fortunately, North Carolina created the Biotechnology Center to nurture our life science community and to keep us all focused on that big picture.

Over the last year, NCBiotech has redesigned our website and grounded it in our philosophy—our story. After conducting interviews and research with our friends and acquaintances, the overwhelming theme that emerged was the idea of transformation.

Transformation, the act of changing from one form into a different, more valuable form. This is the new terminology that encompasses what NCBiotech has been fostering for the last 30 years. This is evident in a thousand different touchpoints as we help people, companies, technologies—and ourselves—transform into something bigger.

The profession that we have all committed to is transformative. It commits each of us to a future of innovation. It’s iterative. It’s active. It’s descriptive of what we do when we take a step back from our microscopes, our sales projections, our manufacturing sites and our seat at the negotiating table. The term is big enough for us all.

But transformation isn’t just about the journey of a single individual. It is reflected in our impact criteria. NCBiotech recognizes that investment is often a necessary transformation point for a company. Many North Carolina companies say that if not for an NCBiotech loan, they would not have survived to make it to the next level of business success.

NCBiotech fuels the growth of our industry from one stage to another, from funding proof of concept research to articulating the benefits of our state internationally. Each day, NCBiotech helps introduce life science professionals to people or ideas that can change the way we look at our food supply, medicine, therapies and even our methods of defense. And as they happen, we add stories to our news section which we feature in our monthly newsletter.

We are a knowledge bank of people with unmatched relationships and expertise, attracting both talent and companies to transform North Carolina. We solve. We create. We nurture people and ideas to power win-win transformations.

Today more than 700 life science companies employ 63,000 people statewide. We all benefit when this level of business expansion and job creation flourishes in North Carolina. NCBiotech is proud of our ability to consistently transform roadblocks into pathways for possibilities and exploration. For our people, for our businesses and for our industry.

And in so doing, together we make North Carolina a global life science leader.

Has NCBiotech benefited you, your organization, or your community? Leave us your “Transformation Tidbit” today!

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