Butler Shares Advice in Tablets & Capsules

All service businesses are hurting for revenues these days, including Contract Research Organizations.

Yonnie Butler, the Biotechnology Center's business development director, had some insight that he thought would help. This issue of Tablets & Capsules contains his advice.

"Because they need to be ever more careful with each dollar they spend these days, I wanted to present some real world examples, noting expected return on investment in hopes that these examples may help a CRO make a better decision on where to invest precious dollars that increase revenues," Butler said.

He was asked to write this article based on his 20-plus years of experience in the pharmaceutical and CRO industry, as a consultant experienced in the areas of business development and marketing. From the magazine:

This article focuses on business development at contract research organizations (CROs). It offers examples of common mistakes, provides tips to help you make better choices when challenges arise, and estimates the return on investment (ROI) of certain practices. The article may also offer insight to companies that hire CROs.

Read Inside the World of CRO Business Development.

Fri, 03/13/2009 - 04:00