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Bio Defense

The NCBiotech Bio Defense program expands the life science base of North Carolina’s $38 billion defense economy.

Our Bio Defense outreach goes far beyond concerns over bioterrorism. NCBiotech and partners -- North Carolina’s small companies, researchers and military representatives -- are thinking more broadly. We work to provide vaccines for soldiers, to protect the food supply, and to find how best to deploy novel technologies that will protect our soldiers and heal those who sustain wounds in battle.


percent of NC's GDP is military

percent of NC's GDP is military

total jobs supported

total jobs supported

total economic impact in NC

total economic impact in NC

provided by Department of Veterans Affairs in medical care to NC

provided by Department of Veterans Affairs in medical care to NC

major military installations

major military installations

Given the size and significance of the federal investments in NC, NCBiotech and partners are working to bring the state’s innovative, life science technological expertise to bear to address critical challenges faced by the military and national security agencies. Developing strategies to better align the state’s well-recognized life science strengths with the Department of Defense (DoD) and national security strategic priorities will enable our state to be a critical solution provider on challenging problems while also increasing defense funding to support North Carolina researchers and companies.

Some of these NCBiotech-led activities include:

  • Providing support for university-based researchers and small businesses that have a technology that addresses a need in the Bio Defense arena and educate and support their efforts in seeking DoD or homeland security relationships and funding

  • Promoting and representing North Carolina at targeted military and federal Bio Defense conferences throughout the United States and promote our state's life science capabilities

  • Hosting or sponsoring conferences where military, government, academic and industry experts can network and collaborate

  • Connecting military, industry and academia partners to promote North Carolina’s Bio Defense capabilities at the state and federal level

For additional information, please see our Bio Defense Initiative one-pager.

Business North Carolina magazine, with the help from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, held a roundtable of distinguished experts discussing opportunities for growing the bio defense sector in N.C.

CARB-X 2018 Event Presentation

CARB-X is the world’s largest-public-private partnership devoted to early development antibacterial R&D. CARB-X has announced the opening of its 2018 funding cycle to support the early development of antibiotics, vaccines, diagnostics, devices and other life-saving products to respond to the threat of drug-resistant bacteria.
For further information, please refer to the CARB-X press release and website.
View the event presentation and video from March 9 held at NCBiotech:

Bio Defense News & Events

Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium

Biodefense Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)

BARDA Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures (DRIVe)

United States Army Medical and Materiel Command (USAMRMC)

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