Type: Grant | Category:
Research and Tech

Biotechnology Innovation Grant

The purpose of the Biotechnology Innovation Grant (BIG) is to support research studies that explore potential commercial applications of early-stage university inventions.

A BIG award provides funding for a technical research project conducted by a faculty investigator alongside a related commercial development project undertaken by a commercial development adviser. BIG projects are intended to inform strategic decision-making regarding pursuit of intellectual property protection and/or commercial product development.

A successful BIG project can uncover technical and commercial opportunities or weaknesses; provide critical information regarding continued development of IP claims and protection; and/or position the technology for further commercial development.

Application Materials

FY2018 Cycle 2

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How to Submit your Proposal:

Important First Step:  The Principal Investigator for the proposal must register for an account on the new NCBiotech Funding Portal prior to submitting a proposal. 

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Type: Grant | Category:
Research and Tech

Biotechnology Innovation Grant

Maximum Award: $100,000

Funding Deadline Info:
Fiscal Year 2018
Cycle 1

Wednesday, July 19, 2017 (Noon)
Cycle 2
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 (Noon)
Decision notification: mid-June 2018

Program Awards

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