MAPS-National: Impacting Careers – The Value of Mentorship

Ready to take your career to new heights? WIB-National's Mentorship, Advisors, Peers, and Sponsorship Committee will bring together three successful leaders at varying stages of their careers to share their mentorship experiences. They'll discuss finding and engaging with their mentors and how mentorship has influenced their career trajectories. Learn how to develop a positive mentor relationship, the responsibilities of a mentee, and strategies for ensuring the mentor relationship is a success.

Meet the Speakers

  • Peter Anastasiou, Chief Executive Officer of Capsida Biotherapeutics
  • Liz Cooper, Director of Commercial Insights and Advanced Analytics at TGaS Advisors (moderator)
  • Holly Copeland, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability & Impact at Horizon
  • Eliza Eskafi, Ph.D., Project Lead at CellCarta

Virtual (via Zoom)

Members: Free | Non-Members: $15
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