Hands-On cGMP Biomanufacturing Operations

Course Date:  December 12-15, 2017

Course Description:

Obtain a basic knowledge of biomanufacturing operations and how cGMP requirements are implemented at commercial scale. Engage in pilot-scale laboratory experiences that examine process utilities, media and solution preparation, bioreactor operation, centrifugation, chromatography, and tangential flow filtration in a simulated-cGMP commercial facility. This course will benefit scientists and engineers who are new to the biomanufacturing industry, biomanufacturing support personnel who may not be directly involved with execution of the processes they support, and vendors supplying the biomanufacturing industry, among others.


To register, please visit http://www.btec.ncsu.edu/industry/short_courses/index.php.

More Information

Please contact John Balchunas (jebalchu@ncsu.edu).


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