Grant Proposal Writing Strategy Session

The University Executive Center’s Grant Proposal Writing Strategy Session is a hands-on, intensive session that leads participants through the entire grant proposal and funding research processes. Through an intense two-day practicum, participants will receive an overview of program planning concepts along with advanced writing techniques to develop successful proposals. This results-based session combines individual exercises with group collaboration to allow each participant to leave the session with a Grant Proposal Funding Dossier.



The Grant Proposal Writing Strategy Session will cover the following during the two day session:

1. Fundamentals of Program Planning

This session will teach professional program development essentials and program evaluation. While most grantsmanship "workshops" treat program development and evaluation as separate from the writing of a proposal, this will teach students the relationship between overall program planning and proposal writing.

2. Strategic Funding Research

At its foundation, this session will address the basics of foundation, corporation, and government grant research. However, this course will emphasize a strategic funding research approach that encourages writers to see research not as something they do before they write a proposal, but as an integrated part of the grant seeking process. Students will be exposed to online database research tools, as well as publications and directories that contain information about foundation, corporation, and government grant opportunities. Focusing on funding sources and basic social science research, this course teaches students how to use research as part of a strategic grant  acquisition effort.


3. Professional Proposal Writing

Designed to obtain tangible results, this session will make each student an overall proposal writing   specialist. In addition to teaching the basic components of a grant proposal, successful approaches, and the do's and don'ts of grant writing, this session is infused with expert principles that will lead to a mastery of the process. Strategy resides at the forefront of this session's intent to illustrate grant writing as an integrated, multidimensional, and dynamic endeavor. Each student will learn to stop writing the grant  and to start writing the story. Ultimately, this session will conclude with a completed proposal outline.


More Information

Patty Jones – Program Coordinator
645 West 9th Street, Suite 110-269
Los Angeles, CA  90015


Hamner Conference Center
15 T.W. Alexander Drive
Durham, NC 27703