Fundamentals of Mammalian Cell Line Development course

In this three-day course, you will gain a fundamental knowledge of the latest, most advanced cloning strategies vital to mammalian cell line development for protein production. Using Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells as the expression model, this course emphasizes the choice of expression vector, host cell genetics and physiology, and screening strategies to assure the highest production yields. Practical hands-on laboratory sessions include DNA cloning, cell transfection, selection/screening for best producer, and the expression/analysis of the protein of interest.

Attend and you will learn

  • Current CHO cell-based expression platforms (DG44 and GS systems)
  • Strategies for choosing the expression vector  
  • CHO cell based genetics and physiology to maximize protein production
  • Mammalian cells transfection methods
  • Selection of the recombinant clones
  • Manual and automatic methods for screening the best producers
  • Gene editing tools (CRISPR, TALEN, ZNF...) for Metabolic engineering
  • Best nutritional and environmental conditions for maximum recombinant protein production
  • Detection and analysis of the protein of interest (SDS-PAGE, Western blot, ELISA, Blitz...)
  • Cell banking (cryopreservation) and quality control (mycoplasma detection...)

NC State University

Centennial Campus

850 Oval Drive

Raleigh, NC 27695