Export Coffee Talk: Cost Advantages of Co-Exhibiting in a North Carolina Trade Show Booth Overseas

Attend EDPNCs next Export Coffee Talk on Tuesday, July 23 to learn how you can reach international markets and save money by co-exhibiting in a North Carolina trade show booth overseas.

The International Trade Development Team at the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) helps North Carolina companies to reach and succeed with product or service sales in international markets.

International Trade Manager, Melissa McGurk, will lead this informative discussion. She will share opportunities to co-exhibit at EDPNC’s upcoming trade show delegations for the life sciences industry.

Topics to be covered

For what international trade events does EDPNC plan to offer co-exhibiting opportunities?

What are the key criteria for becoming part of a delegation?

What does a shared booth space look like and how would I show my product/services?

In what ways will my International Trade Manager support my company leading up to the trade show?

What financial support is available?

What are the qualifications for grant support?

What costs can I expect as a company that might not qualify for grant reimbursement?

How much does it cost to co-exhibit in a North Carolina booth if my company qualifies to receive assistance with the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) Grant?


Virtual (via Zoom)

No Cost
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