Duke CVRC Executive Seminar Series

The Duke Cardiovascular Research Center (CVRC) Executive Seminar Series has been planned in coordination with the Division of Cardiology and Duke Heart. It will provide the latest thinking in cardiovascular research and clinical care to attendees. Attend this full 4-part series which begins in March and continues into June.

Wed., March 14 - Session 1: Keeping the Heart Young

Thurs., April 19 - Session 2: Valvular Heart Disease

Fri., May 18 - Session 3: Atrial Fibrillation

Wed., June 13 - Capstone Session 4: Signaling in the Heart. Or, “A funny thing happened on the way to Stockholm”

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Washington Duke Inn 
3001 Cameron Blvd.
Durham, NC 27705

$750 - Four-part series
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