Downstream Biopharmaceutical Processes: Fundamentals and Design course

In this three-day course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals
of recovery/purification operations for biopharmaceutical production and how these
operations are developed for use at production scale. This course provides both
theoretical and practical insight through lectures and laboratory activities. In attending
this course, you will learn:


  • Theoretical and operational principles that underlie homogenization, centrifugation, chromatography, and tangential flow filtrationi.e., the downstream unit operations
  • Regulatory expectations for design of downstream processing steps
  • Experimental methods for determining process parameter ranges and material attributes (if applicable) for each unit operation
  • Basic scale-up calculations and considerations for each operation
  • How these unit operations come together to form an integrated process train for a variety of production scenarios for example, soluble intracellular protein production in E. coli, extracellular production in CHO, and inclusion body production in E. coli.

NC State University
Centennial Campus
850 Oval Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27695