Clinical Ethics in the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed new and difficult challenges for health care systems and professionals worldwide. Not least among these challenges are a variety of ethical issues in patient care. In this program, a panel of presenters will provide brief descriptions of several of those clinical ethical issues. Dr. Karl Thomas will examine the difficult choices public and private health care systems confront in allocating limited resources among diagnostic, preventive, and treatment measures. Dr. John Moskop will summarize the WFBH triage contingency plan created to decide who will and will not receive critical care resources in the event that a major surge of critically ill patients exceeds the system’s resource capacity. Dr. Carl Grey will describe challenges in providing supportive and compassionate palliative care despite pandemic restrictions. As session moderator, Mr. Gerardo Maradiaga will invite program participants to identify additional clinical ethics issues they have encountered.

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