Cherry Bekaert R&D Tax Credit Presentation

Turn your startup's research and development efforts into cash. Join Cherry Bekaert for a presentation about how you can qualify for R&D tax credits.

Did you know that your startup can take advantage of the R&D Tax Credit? The R&D Credit offsets income tax liabilities dollar-for-dollar. No income tax? No problem. These credits can also be used to offset payroll liabilities, as long as gross receipts have not exceeded $5 million in any of the last 5 years.

If your company is working on any of the items below, it is likely you will qualify for the tax credit:

  • New or improved products
  • New materials
  • Prototypes and models
  • New or improved software applications
  • New or improved manufacturing process and/or experimentation

Ron Wainwright, CPA, partner, national leader, Federal Credits & Accounting Methods, Cherry Bekaert LLP
Dawn Polin, CPA, senior manager, Tax Services, Cherry Bekaert LLP
Kara Stucky, CPA, senior manager, Tax Services, Cherry Bekaert LLP


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