AHN Panel - Farming of the Future? Insect Farming In Our Food System

The Animal Health & Nutrition Exchange Group is excited to invite you to a thought-provoking panel discussion that promises to be both informative and engaging. Can insects become the next species available for feed and food production? Our event, "Farming of the Future? Insect Farming In Our Food System" will feature a diverse group of experts who will share their insights on this innovative and environmentally friendly approach to nutrition.


  • Jon Holt – Moderator
  • Aline Spindola – Enviroflight
  • Allen Cohen – NC State University

Dr. Aline Spindola is a research scientist leading the Animal Biology R&D program at EnviroFlight, the largest commercial producer of black soldier fly (BSF) larva for animal feed in the United States. Her research focuses on optimizing BSF rearing techniques and investigating the reproductive physiology of BSF. Dr. Spindola tests the management and implementation of BSF rearing techniques using laboratory and commercial scale trials at EnviroFlight Farms. She investigates the physiology and reproductive success of BSF populations using the sperm quality assessments she has developed for handling and preserving BSF sperm cells.

Dr. Allen C. Cohen is currently a research professor in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at North Carolina State University where he leads his program in Insect Rearing Education and Research. Over his 44-year career in insect rearing, he has authored two books on insect rearing and insect diets (which is in its 2nd edition), almost 200 papers on rearing, feeding biology and related topics, and he holds 6 patents on diets and rearing-related topics. He spent 23 years of his career serving in the USDA, Agricultural Research Service as a scientist and research leader in mass-rearing facilities. He has taught numerous courses in insect physiology and rearing science, including his current teaching of rearing courses through the NCSU Office of Professional Development where he serves an international audience of rearing specialists, helping them achieve formal education in insect rearing. He conducts a research program in several aspects of rearing, using several model systems of insects. Over the past 30 years, Professor Cohen has delved deeply into food science and technology and statistically based approaches to development and improvement of insect rearing systems. He also consults with companies and government laboratories to help solve their problems with rearing systems. His thinking, teaching, and research emphasis is on understanding how the components of insect rearing systems interact to effectively simulate the natural niches occupied by insects and other arthropods.



15 TW Alexander Drive

RTP, NC  27709

Free, registration required
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