Ag Biotech Professional Forum

February 11 | NCBiotech | 4 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Soil Microbiome: How the Small Stuff is Making Big Ag Impacts

What are microbial ag applications, and what makes North Carolina a leader in this emerging area of technology development?

We often ignore what we can’t see, and for generations farmers have focused on what they can do to impact their crops above the ground. Today, one of the most exciting areas of development in agricultural research is focused on what is happening below the ground! We have long known that the vast and diverse communities of microorganisms living in the soil are important for crop health. However, advances in biotechnology have only recently opened the door to “seeing” this complex world, which has led to an explosion of commercial and academic work taking place around the world to better understand how and why this happens.  North Carolina is home to many of the leaders in this nascent field of soil microbiome development. Please join us as we hear from some of these leaders about how their efforts will impact the future of agriculture.

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