Abcam Conference - Epigenetics, Chromatin Structure and Epitranscriptomics

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Join Jill Dowen, Greg Wang and Scott Bultman from UNC School of Medicine for an exciting one-day meeting that will cover a broad range of topics touching on gene regulation in an informal atmosphere. The meeting will have 11 speakers, a lunch-and-learn ChIP workshop, poster session and reception.

Topics include:
  • Epigenetic determinants of transcription in health and in disease
  • RNA modification as a regulator of transcript function
  • lncRNA regulation and function
  • Long range chromatin structure
  • Nuclear receptors and chromatin remodeling
  • Intersection of metabolism and epigenetics


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Hamner Conference Center
15 T.W. Alexander Dr.
Research Triangle Park, NC 27710

Student: $30 / Delegate: $45
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