2023 Duke MBA Health Care Conference

Precision medicine, big data, and remote patient monitoring are some of the hottest topics in the healthcare industry today and have the potential to transform the landscape. The pace of innovation is increasing rapidly as technology becomes more integrated into our daily life, workplace, and even our health.

Technology has allowed scientists to create therapeutics specific to one individual, software to predict health outcomes, and patients to recover at home with physician supervision. We could only dream of these things 20 years ago, and now, they are a huge part of the healthcare industry.

This conference will feature discussions on how technology has contributed to the rapid evolution of the healthcare industry. Speakers from various industries, including venture capital, health systems, and medical devices, will share their perspectives. The conference will be followed by a networking event with all speakers, attendees, and local professionals.

It is a full-day event that will be held in person on March 22, 2023, for attendees from Fuqua, Duke University, nearby academic and healthcare institutions, and healthcare companies from across the country.


Registration includes access to all sessions, breakfast and lunch on the day of the conference, and a ticket to the networking happy hour.


Fuqua School of Business

Fuqua Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

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