2021 WFIRM Virtual Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course:& World Stem Cell Summit

During the one-week meeting, keynote lectures, interactive sessions, demos, panel discussions, special webinars, networking break-outs are provided by prominent experts in the RM field from WFIRM, the NC region, and the entire global community, as further facilitated by the WSCS. Regional, national, and international attendees from academic, industry, and government sectors will gain a strong foundation in the RM field via information sharing and personal interaction with today's leaders and innovators in the field. 



Registration Opened:   March 1, 2021

To register, visit WakeHealth.edu/RMEssentials

Registration Options:
$350 Standard Registration
($250 Early Bird Registration through 4/30/2021)

$225 Student Registration (undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, medical students and residents) ($150 Early Bird Registration through 4/30/2021)

CONTACT:  Joan F. Schanck, RME-WSCS 2021 Course Co-Director, jschanck@wakehealth.edu

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Core Essential Topics:

► Stem Cells
► Biomaterials
► Enabling Technologies
► Cell Therapies
► Tissue Engineering
► Regulatory, Process   
     Development and
► Clinical Trials and Bioethics
► Commercialization
► Regenerative Rehabilitation



Human Therapeutics