2021 UNC Innovation Showcase

Taking your innovation to the edge and making an impact requires more than waiting on an idea to percolate in isolation. It requires coming together with a community of other innovators. Sharing your inventive thinking. And finding new insights to help push your ideas forward, faster.

When you attend the Innovation Showcase hosted by Innovate Carolina, you meet the most enterprising innovators from UNC-Chapel Hill and the local entrepreneurial community. Join with us as we celebrate the work of faculty, students, alumni and local business founders who have combined ingenuity and hard work to make a human and economic impact.

Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz and other leaders will kick off a special celebration: the 10-year anniversary of the Innovate Carolina roadmap, which established today’s active network of people and programs that help innovators and ventures make their ideas work.


4 p.m. Celebration
10-Year Anniversary of Innovate Carolina Roadmap

5 p.m. Pitch Rooms & Live Venture Q&A
Research-Based Startups
Regional Startup Community
Student Innovations
Convergent Science
Humanities and Social Science Innovations
UNC Finals for Map the System Global Competition


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