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Resources for Educators

Teaching Resources for Educators

Teachers can take advantage of these resources provided by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.

  • Grant Programs for Educators.
  • Biotechnology Workshops for Educators. Workshops are offered each summer in Introductory Biotechnology and on selected special topics in biotechnology. These 5-day workshops are open to all North Carolina educators, though they are designed primarily for high school teachers.
  • Free Lab Supplies. Teachers who graduate from the summer workshops are qualified to receive annual gift certificates from Carolina Biological Supply. Teachers can also purchase lab supplies including ready-to-use biotechnology kits.
  • Free Access to Lab Equipment. The Biotechnology Center maintains biotechnology equipment for loan to workshop graduates around the state.
  • Biotechnology Teacher Resources Online (including videos, interactive images and audio files that can enhance the classroom experience).

K-12 Hands-on Classroom Activities

Online Biotechnology Center Publications

North Carolina K-12 Outreach Providers

The following organizations provide support for biotechnology-related education, including teacher professional development, programs for students, and educational materials.