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Resources for Educators

Innovation to stimulate new business development starts in the classroom.  The Center has resources for students at all levels.  Publications are usually available in print or electronic formats.

  • Heal, Feed, Sustain: How Biotechnology Can Help Save the World (Grades 6-12)
    Young video producers explore a major agricultural biotechnology company, a laboratory working at the frontiers of stem cell research, and a company creating new products for a “green” world.  See the video here and contact the North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research (NCABR) for a Teacher’s Guide.​
  • ​​(Biotechnology) Career Pathways: A Guide for Students, Parents and Educators in North Carolina
    This is a comprehensive look at the full array of jobs available in all sectors of the biotechnology industry, with examples from North Carolina companies.
  • The Model Employee
    A detailed look at the six jobs in pharmaceutical manufacturing most accessible to new graduates without prior industry experience.  Includes the detailed skill and knowledge required on the job and typical career paths.
  • Window on the Workplace 2012
    A state-of-the-industry report on workforce needs and employment opportunities that highlights North Carolina’s successes in building educational resources for the pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors.
  • NCBiotech TV
    This collection of videos feature industry recruitment and growth in vaccines, agricultural biotechnology and the biotech sector as a whole in North Carolina.
  • Biotech Basics 
    Connects the dots between the science behind biotechnology, innovative business growth, and jobs in the industry. 
  • Intellectual Exchange Groups
    College and university faculty as well as students can benefit from the many groups fostered by the Center for networking and idea exchange in specific areas of science and business.  Follow the link to find a group that matches your interests.

Other North Carolina Science Education Resource Organizations

The following organizations provide support for biotechnology-related education, including teacher professional development, programs for students, and educational materials.

Lesson Plans

Experiments from NCBiotech workshops featuring the use of microarrays can be found online.