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Education Enhancement Grant Program

Maximum Award: 


The following is for information only.

Education Enhancement Grants (EEG) assist with the development of activities, programs, resources and personnel necessary to enhance biotechnology education and workforce training. The maximum award is $100,000.

North Carolina non-profit institutions, including K-12 schools, school systems, community colleges, colleges, universities and museums are eligible to apply.

Preproposals and full proposals must be submitted using the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s EEG online application form (see link below).  Proposals sent by fax, hard copy or e-mail will not be accepted.  There is one submission date annually for the program.

Evaluation Process

We have completed the preproposal phase of the program and are now accepting EEG full proposals by invitation only until the submission deadline, NOON August 7, 2013.  Upon receipt, proposals will initially be reviewed by Biotechnology Center staff to determine whether the proposal meets the requirements outlined in the Education Enhancement Grants: Full Proposal Guidelines and Instructions.  Proposals that do not meet these requirements will be declined and the applicant notified of the reasons for the declination.  Those proposals remaining will be evaluated by an Advisory Panel and by external reviewers according to the evaluation criteria shown on page 2 of the Guidelines and Instructions document.  PLEASE NOTE: Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss the feedback from the preproposal process, both the written reviews received and comments from the Screening Panel Meeting with either Dr. Bill Schy ( or Dr. Kathleen Kennedy (


Details on types of projects supported and allowable expenses can be found on pp. 1-2 of the Education Enhancement Grants: Full Proposal Guidelines and Instructions.  Listed below are links to documents necessary for submission of your EEG Full Proposal

Links to Relevant Documents Required for EEG Full Proposal Submission

Optional Document (for applicants’ convenience)


Last year’s (2013-2014) Preproposal Guidelines and Instructions Document (for reference only).

The 2013-2014 EEG funding cycle is already underway.  The next opportunity to submit preproposals for the EEG Program will be in March 2014.