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Salary & Advancement

In North Carolina, average salaries for laboratory technicians are usually around $41,000. Starting salaries for an entry-level laboratory technician typically run about $30,000. More experienced laboratory technicians can earn $47,000 or more a year. As these figures do not reflect specific educational levels or types of companies, actual salaries may be higher or lower. Laboratory technicians with a B.S. degree may earn more than those with an associate's degree.

The salary figures above identify a range for positions similar to those outlined for laboratory technicians in this publication. Earning potential becomes greater as an individual's career progresses. Laboratory technicians can find rewarding careers in both technical and managerial roles within a laboratory, as well as pursue opportunities outside of a lab, through work experience or additional education.

*Salary ranges compiled from North Carolina data obtained from the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.