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High School Schedule

All students are encouraged to take any available biotechnology, higher-level mathematics, and higher-level science courses, beginning in middle school. In addition, coursework in business, computers, and communication are valuable in developing necessary career skills. Students pursuing a College Tech Prep course of study need four related Career-Technical Education (CTE) credits; ask your counselor for your school's guidelines. Science course sequences may vary by school.

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English I English II English III English IV
Algebra I or Integrated Math I Geometry or Integrated Math II Algebra II or Integrated Math III Higher-Level Math
(Algebra II prerequisite)
Earth/Environmental Science Biology Science Elective
(Chemistry Recommended)
Science Elective
(Physics or Principals of Technology I & II Recommended)
World History Civics & Economics U.S. History Elective
Health/Physical Education Second Language Second Language Elective
(Second Language Recommended)
Elective Elective Advanced Science or
Mathematics Elective
Advanced Science or
Mathematics Elective
Elective Elective Elective Elective
CTE Elective* CTE Elective* CTE Elective* CTE Elective*

*CTE Electives: Specific course offerings will depend upon local availability. The following electives either cover some aspects of biotechnology or build useful knowledge or skills for laboratory technicians. Agriculture: Biotechnology and Agriscience Research I & II; Horticulture I & II; Food Science: Foods II–Foods Technology; Engineering: Scientific and Technical Visualization I & II, Project Lead the Way (Biotechnical Engineering specialty course); Health Sciences: Biomedical Technology, Medical Sciences I & II. In addition, Advanced Studies courses with a biotechnology focus are encouraged in all of these areas.