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Inside View: What’s NC’s Next Big Thing?

A decade or two ago, RTP succeeded on the unique vision of its creators. Today the world has changed. (Cliche, but true!) Find out what RTP is doing to create the state's next big thing.

Inside View: Aspirations for Agriculture

The numbers you need to know about feeding the world: 50/100/70.

By 2050, we need 100 percent more food. 70 percent of that increase must come from technology.

Inside View: BIO 2013

Is it too early to start planning for BIO 2013? You decide.

CNN Pundit Zakaria ‘Optimistic’ for BIO 2012 Crowd

Fareed Zakaria. Courtesy of James Kegley, Harvard University.

BOSTON, June 21, 2012 -- Fareed Zakaria says he's "temperamentally an optimist."

Sea Change Seen In Health Care

Ernst & Young BIO panel discusses new ways to collect, use data to revolutionize health care in America

Inside View: Convention Eve

The night before convention, everything begins falling into place. Still, a sense of anxiety pervades.

Inside View: Women in Bio Can Have it All


It was an unusual statement, one that Women in Bio leader Christine Warrington greeted with loud applause.

Prathima Acharya, CSO of KBI, had just claimed women could have it all.

“We’re beautiful, we’re intelligent, we can have it all,” she said.


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