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Salix + $2.6B = Leadership Stake in GI Market

Salix Pharmaceuticals in Raleigh and Santarus Inc. in San Diego announced plans to merge in a deal valued at $2.6 billion.


Guest Blog: Does NC still compete in Europe?

In this blog post, Dennis Burns of TCG LLC looks at North Carolina's competitiveness for European business.

100 Jobs: Painless for Durham

NC’s latest life-science win brings 100 jobs and $59 million in investment. What’s behind Purdue Pharma’s decision to manufacture Oxycontin in Durham? Find out.

NCBiotech statement on programs and staffing

The following statement was issued August 27, 2013 by the Biotech Center. It can be attributed to Norris Tolson, President and CEO.

The Biotechnology Center’s leadership has reviewed programs and staffing as a result of the cut in our state appropriation from $17.2 million to $12.6 million. The 27 percent cut to our budget requires deep cuts and difficult decisions. As of Sept. 1, the Center is:

GMO Questions Answered Here

Crop Biotechs Launch Website to Foster Discussion


$357M deal gives Medicago to Mitsubishi

Medicago and Mitsubishi this morning announced that Japan-based Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma will acquire the Canadian vaccine company for $357 million.


NCBiotech Statement on Governor's Budget

Norris Tolson, president and CEO, made the following statement upon the release of Governor Pat McCrory's budget, March 20, 2013.

Inside View: You too can go viral

Not quite Gangnam Style. But it is rock star status in the biotech world.

Nobel Prize winners with NC connections

List of Nobel Laureates with North Carolina connections


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