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  • Poinsettias -- white or red, mottled or green -- are the cheerful plant favored as the harbinger of these wintertime holidays.
  • Deadline: 2/8/12Agency: North Carolina Biotechnology CenterProgram: Collaborative Funding Grant (CFG)
  • If a link-up with a big corporation or venture fund is one of the business strategies you envision for your small company or developing product, you can sign up today to participate in a February partnering session in Raleigh with representatives from some major players. Companies such as Abbott, BASF, Bayer Crop Science, GlaxoSmithKline, LabCorp, Merck, Novartis, and United Therapeutics will have representatives available for the meetings.
  • Local, state and federal government leaders joined hundreds of employees at the massive Novartis vaccine manufacturing facility in Holly Springs this morning to celebrate the $1 billion factory’s first production of pandemic flu vaccine using the highly efficient process of cell culture.
  • When entrepreneur-turned-foundation CEO Max Wallace meets with someone seeking his organization’s money to develop a brain-cancer therapy, Wallace wants to hear a “pig at the breakfast table.” Chickens have a passive investment in the eggs on a breakfast plate, explained Wallace to audience laughter, but bacon or ham is far different. “That pig is really committed,” said Wallace. “And that’s who I want to see. I want to deal with the pig, not the chicken. Someone who’s got skin in the game.”
  • Triad BioNight 2012, an event to showcase the growth of the biotechnology sector throughout the Piedmont Triad, will be held Thursday, March 8, at the Sheraton Greensboro Hotel at Four Seasons. Robert (Bob) Ingram, general partner of Hatteras Venture Partners, will be the keynote speaker for the event. Hatteras is a Research Triangle Park-based venture capital firm with four funds and more than $200 million under management, including a new Hatteras Discovery fund focused on life science startups.
  • SoyMeds, a Davidson biotech research spin-out from the University of North Carolina Charlotte that is focused on the development and validation of soybean seed-based therapeutics to treat, prevent, cure, and diagnose disease, won the Life Sciences Company “21 Award” for 2011 from the North Carolina Technology Association. More
  • Three women from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center have been selected from among several thousand nominees as 2011 winners of Business Leader Media’s 10th Annual Women Extraordinaire Awards, which honor top women business leaders of the South.
  • A visiting scientist who recently joined the David H. Murdock Research Institute  in Kannapolis has landed a $100,000 grant to help him develop a technique using beneficial ingredients found in yogurt to overcome vitamin deficiencies in developing countries.
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  • Perhaps hungry young life-science companies could learn from people suffering from more basic forms of hunger: sometimes the help of a non-profit can be a life saver. Too often, non-profits are not among the bright blips on entrepreneurs’ funding- source radar. And in an era of angel and venture paucity, specialized foundation grants might be the ticket to improved prosperity – especially in health-care discoveries.
  • The ribbon cutting at Medicago's grand opening ceremony in Research Triangle Park. See photos from the event on our Facebook page
  • Opportunity for Science Teachers grades 7-12
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  • N.C. Treasurer Janet Cowell unveils fund at SEBIO Investor Forum
  • SEBIO is all about bringing investment to life science in the southeast, and who better to tell the story of success than three previous showcase companies. Liquidia, Metabolon and Viamet took the stage Wednesday after lunch. They discussed the differences between their companies and one that pursues a single therapy. The people most aware of those differences are the investors who fund these companies.
  • If you have any special funding request searches, please feel free to send them any time ( Please also advise if any of your partners have submitted grant applications to funding announcements posted in the weekly grant alert emails. We would love to hear of their successes!
  • Anthony Atala, M.D. Dogs, cats, horses and other animals may get a new lease on life and health, while also helping in the development of human therapies.


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