Investigating malaria social, biological and environmental complexity through agent-based modeling


Please join Dr. Francesco Pizzitutti at the One Health Collaborative (OHC) seminar. Dr. Pizzitutti holds a Ph.D. in biophysics from Sapienza Università di Roma in Rome, Italy. He is currently a research fellow at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and a post-doctoral fellow at the Duke Global Health Institute. Dr. Pizzitutti is an expert in modeling complex system dynamics to better understand how interactions between natural and human environments influence the dynamics of vector-borne diseases transmission. He is leading the development of an Amazon-wide dynamic systems model for predicting malaria outbreaks using an Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) approach. ABMs are computational models in which humans, vectors and pathogens are explicitly represented with their interactions modeled using underlying environmental factors. This allows for the exploration of heterogeneities on the process of disease transmission.