Apologizing doesn’t get you very far in the working world, particularly when you haven’t done anything wrong. Still, many successful and talented women have a tendency to be timid in the office, even more so when they’re a minority amongst men. Women can have an inclination to be passive at work. It is helpful for women to know their worth before accepting a position so that they can negotiate their salary, benefits, and other important assets. It would be helpful for many to know what to expect and what should be expected when evaluating yourself and thinking about a new job opportunity.
Empowerment of women in the workforce has changed drastically over the years and it is important for women to be able to know their value to an organization. This intro is the beginning of a three-month webinar series supporting the professional development of women in the life science industry.

Join us as Michelle Poloni, Project Leader at Management Recruiters of Vancouver; Jennifer Poloni, Owner of Management Recruiters of Vancouver; and Toby Freedman, President of Synapsis Search and Author of “Career Opportunities in Biotechnology and Drug Development” share their insight on the topic of “Knowing Your Value.”
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