The Nanomanufacturing Conference is one of the nation’s premier Advanced Manufacturing conferences, featuring national and international nanotech innovators, leading researchers, government leaders and visionaries.

These initiatives reflect a “. . . commitment to supporting American manufacturers in building things here and selling them everywhere,” said U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson in a recent press release. Advanced Manufacturing is critical to the health of the national economy and provides essential goods and equipment directly to consumers as well as to a wide range of industries, including the energy production, agriculture, medical and computing industries, and the security and intelligence sectors.Nanomanufacturing is pioneering a new era in American Advanced Manufacturing. The federal government plans to invest over $1 billion in the coming year for Advanced Manufacturing through the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, the 14-agency Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator, and other initiatives to foster innovation-fueled job creation through public-private partnerships. These coordinated investments catalyze and leverage private capital, build an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and promote cluster-based development in regions across the United States.

The Nanomanufacturing Conference cuts to the core of how Advanced Manufacturing technologies, buttressed by nanotechnology, provide a competitive edge that will drive the economy well into the 21st Century.


The cost to attend this event is $150. In order to register and for additional information regarding this event please feel free to visit this event


Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering
2907 East Lee Street,
Greensboro, North Carolina, 27401, USA


Vincent Caprio: Conference Chair and Executive Director of the NanoBCA

Griffith A. Kundahl: Executive Director of the Center of Innovation for Nanobiotechnology