Workshop Type:  Introductory Biotechnology
Audience:  High school science teachers & college faculty teaching introductory biology
Prerequisite:  None

Participants will learn basic scientific concepts and techniques in biotechnology, as well as how to teach these effectively. They will also learn how to integrate biotechnology into the high school curriculum according to the NC Essential Standards for Biology.  Participants will be exposed to an array of topics related to both fundamental science and application of DNA-related aspects of biotechnology, including the following topics:

  • DNA structure and replication
  • Introduction to gene expression and regulation
  • Protein structure and its relation to function
  • Restriction enzymes and their role in recombinant DNA technology
  • Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance
  • Transformation of Escherichia coli*
  • Restriction analysis of DNA*
  • Molecular biology of gene cloning
  • Current commercial applications of biotechnology
  • Organismal cloning
  • PCR theory and practice*

*Indicates hands-on workshop activity

Additionally, teachers will have hands-on training in the following:

  • Growing, storing, and disposing of Escherichia coli in the lab
  • Laboratory biosafety precautions
  • Making and sterilizing solutions and media needed for classroom experiments
  • Sterile technique
  • Preparing, handling, and staining agarose gels
  • Classroom preparation for wet labs

The Introductory workshop is based on the text Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Third Edition, Helen Kreuzer and Adrianne Massey (2008), provided to participants.


This particular workshop is intended for high school teachers or college faculty teaching at North Carolina Academic Institutions ONLY. If you do not meet these qualifications, please do not continue with this registration. If you are a middle school teacher or other NC educator, please return to our Summer Workshop schedule, which lists our other Biotechnology Workshops offered this summer to find a more suitable workshop.

The registration fee for this workshop is $75, which is non-refundable unless the registration is canceled at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of the workshop. Registration fees may be paid by credit/debit cards only. If you cannot pay by credit/debit card, please contact Amy Black.

IMPORTANT: Please do not register for this workshop if you are not a high school or community college teacher at a North Carolina Academic Institution.

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