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New Tests for Emerging Pathogens Linked to Chronic Disorders

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Award date: 
Dec 19, 2012
Award amount: 
Organization name: 
Galaxy Diagnostics, Inc.
Principal Investigator: 
Elam, Amanda B.
Grant program category: 
Business Financing
Grant program name: 
Small Business Research Loan
Research Triangle

Galaxy Diagnostics is an early stage infectious disease diagnostic company, specializing in the detection of Bartonella bacteria. The focus of the proposed project is to expand our test offerings beyond Bartonella testing, building on both the patented BAPGM media, the ePCR™ test methodology, and our scientific expertise in zoonotic and vector-borne disease. The development of new lab-developed tests will allow us to better meet the demands of our physician market and will provide a set of assays to pipeline for product development with our IVD partners.

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