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Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers – Eastern North Carolina Section (IEEE)

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The purpose of the IEEE  Exchange Group is to bring together people from industry, academia, and the healthcare community to share information and learn about opportunities for partnering.  People from industry can learn first hand about needs for new technology in the healthcare space; academics can learn of opportunities to transfer research to the private sector. All these groups can make use of the technical resources of IEEE, and IEEE members can learn of job opportunities in the medical device and healthcare IT fields.




Membership Guidelines

Membership is open to qualified individuals with an interest and background in healthcare, healthcare information technology, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and similar healthcare-related fields. Membership is by invitation only; new members are recommended and approved by planning and steering committee members. There are currently approximately 100 IEEE Exchange Group members.


2015 - 2016 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held quarterly and run from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Unless otherwise noted, they are held at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. Meetings typically consist of a keynote speaker, followed by a panel discussion and/or audience Q&A.

Registration is required for all seminars.

May 18, 2016


"Optical Coherence Tomography: From cellular function to anatomic imaging"


Amy Oldenburg
UNC Chapel Hill
Department of Physics and Astronomy

In this presentation I will review a technology for real-time imaging of depth-resolved, light scattering structures in biological tissues, known as optical coherence tomography (OCT).  Using OCT, I will discuss how we have studied the functional activities of cells in tissue models of breast cancer and cystic fibrosis, and how we have employed plasmonic gold nanorods to elucidate nanostructural properties of tissues. Finally, I will show a different application of OCT for anatomic-scale imaging, which we are developing for endoscopic imaging of the upper airway to aid otolaryngologists in diagnosing and treating upper airway obstructive disorders.


"Teaching the Real World: The UNC-NCSU BME Design Symposium"

This article highlights this innovative teaching program sponsored by the Joint UNC/NCSU Biomedical Engineering Department and the support provided by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center in hosting this annual event.




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