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Industrial Fellowship Support - Roopa Yalamanchili - Year 1

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Award date: 
Mar 27, 2014
Award amount: 
Organization name: 
Benson Hill Biosystems, Inc.
Principal Investigator: 
Gray, Ben
Grant program category: 
Business Financing
Grant program name: 
Industrial Fellowship Program
Research Triangle

The Fellow will have the opportunity to work in a technical context to design and perform experiments and will also be exposed to a business-oriented setting with a high priority placed on obtaining funding for the company's continued growth. As a core member of Benson Hill Biosystems's team, the fellow will be involved in and exposed to aspects of fundraising and project palnning and management. Fundraising is an extremely important component of the small business' activity, and as such all employees of the business are involved in fundraising to some extent. The fellow will be expected to contribute data and technical write-ups to pursue funding opportunities and in response to inquiries from investors and/or funding agencies.

Fiscal year: