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Expression Analysis and Silencing of a Polyketide Synthase in Mycosphaerella fijiensis, Causal Agent of the Black Sigatoka Disease of Banana (Morgan Carter)

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Award date: 
Feb 12, 2013
Award amount: 
Organization name: 
North Carolina State University
Principal Investigator: 
Ashwell, Christopher M.
Grant program category: 
Research and Equipment Support
Grant program name: 
Undergraduate Biotechnology Research Fellowship
Research Triangle

This proposal will support research on a highly destructive and costly fungal disease of banana, which serves as an important subsistence and export crop in developing countries. The student will investigate how two genes are involved in pathogenicity by 1) cloning the most promising gene in a silencing vector to transform and recover silenced strains of the fungus and 2) test the pathogenicity of the silenced strains.

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