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Development of Targeted Nanoparticle, NanoGTP, a More Effective Treatment for Pancreatic and Lung Cancer

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Award date: 
Dec 10, 2012
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Organization name: 
Qualiber, Inc
Principal Investigator: 
Goyal, Anil K.
Grant program category: 
Business Financing
Grant program name: 
Small Business Research Loan
Research Triangle

The impact of cancer on public health continues to be a major concern. Chemotherapy drugs are the
first line of treatment for cancer patients, however their effectiveness is limited by rapid metabolism
issues and/or toxicity to normal cells. The effectiveness and safety of the existing chemotherapy drugs
that are given intravenously can be improved significantly via nanoparticle delivery technologies. We
have invented a novel nanoparticle formulation technology, nanoCLIPD, that effectively packages gemcitabine (an approved chemotherapy treatment) to produce NanoGTP. NanoGTP has shown superior efficacy and lower toxicity than gemcitabine in mouse models of human cancer.

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