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Community College Programs


Opening Doors: The North Carolina Community College System

Our Community College System puts the education you need for a biotech job within your reach. Across the state, the network of 58 campuses provides certificate, associate degree and specialized training programs.

Creating Success: BioNetwork

BioNetwork combines campuses across the state into a life science training enterprise including seven specialized centers. Job seekers and new and incumbent workers at all levels can learn new skills through short courses, certificate programs and associate degree programs.

Building Credentials: Associate’s Degree Programs

Two-year degree programs can jumpstart your future. Credits you earn in an Associate in Science program can transfer to a four-year degree program.  Whether you’re interested in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing Technology, Clinical Research, or Agricultural Biotechnology, there’s an exciting program for you.

Customized Training for Industry

The North Carolina Community College System’s long-standing customized training program supports the state’s economic development efforts by providing industry-specific and company-tailored training opportunities for eligible businesses and industries.

  • BioNetwork supports the mission of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) aligning world class workforce training and education to the Biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life science industries. BioNetwork trains at all levels of this industry, upgrading the skills of incumbent workers, from entry level to management. ​

  • The Validation Academy offers local and affordable short-course modules incorporating lectures, laboratory exercises, and hands-on training. The broad range of course offerings provide applicable material for various levels, from individuals who want to enter the biopharmaceutical industry, to those who want to become experts in the field of validation.  Although statewide in scope, the Validation Academy is based in the Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center (BTEC) located on Centennial Campus at North Carolina State University. 

  • When you’re using biology to make a product, you need to know something about science and about manufacturing. To make sure we have a steady supply of workers ready to step into North Carolina’s ever-increasing array of biomanufacturing jobs, Biotechnology Center education and training specialists linked with partners in industry and the North Carolina Community College System, developing an introductory course called BioWork.

Continuing Education

BioNetwork provides short courses for all types of employees in the pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing industries.  You can gown up and learn how to work in a cleanroom or get hands-on training with industry-scale bioreactors at the Capstone Center

You can learn about the FDA-mandated Good Manufacturing Practice regulations for this industry through short courses in the Validation Academy, or learn how to test the purity of a drug product at the Pharmaceutical Center in the Triad.