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Biotech Field Trips

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is a state-funded, not-for-profit economic development organization. Since our establishment in 1984, we have assisted in making North Carolina third in the nation, behind only California and Massachusetts, in the number of life science companies (650+) and employees (63,000+) working in them. We do not conduct the research, but we do provide loans and other support to start-up companies and grants to academic scientists all across the state.

Biotechnology is a great career path, especially if one lives in North Carolina. Biotech careers can range from agriculture to animal health to human health. Within the state of North Carolina, there are number of companies that are working tirelessly to find the latest cures, creating vaccines, producing more efficient methods for producing healthy crops, finding ways to maintain the bee population, and so much more. To inspire students to pursue a career in science is a grand idea, and to bring them to where the work is being done is a wonderful way of doing just that. 

North Carolina has dozens of specialty museums and learning centers statewide. You can get ideas from the Science Museums web page of the North Carolina Museums Council. Major Triangle-area companies or organizations that welcome school groups and budding scientists to visit include:

If your company or institution is able to host field trips to encourage NC students to pursue STEM careers, we'll add you to this list. Please contact Jim Shamp at or (919) 549-8889.