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Bioanalytical Equipment for Student Training (BEST)

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Award date: 
Jan 3, 2012
Award amount: 
Organization name: 
Campbell University, Incorporated
Principal Investigator: 
Shin, I. Daniel
Grant program category: 
Education Support
Grant program name: 
Education Enhancement Grant
Research Triangle

The Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs in the Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS and MSPS) in the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (CPHS) at Campbell University are designed to provide outstanding educational experiences to students who are interested in careers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These unique BSPS and MSPS programs prepare students with a thorough knowledge of the basic and applied sciences necessary for such jobs. There are currently about 120 students in these programs with an expected growth rate of ten percent per year. The BSPS program culminates with a semester-long industrial internship involving about twenty industrial partners, and the MSPS program requires a hands-on laboratory research experience.

Fiscal year: