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NCBiotech's AgBiotech Team

Meet the AgBiotech Initiative team:

Scott Johnson, MBA, vice president, Agricultural Biotechnology (bio)

  • Contact Scott regarding N.C. ag biotech economic development and life science start-ups, ag biotech funding opportunities, event sponsorship opportunities for your organization, and the N.C. AgBiotech Advisory Council

Paul Ulanch, Ph.D., MBA, executive director, Biotechnology Crop Commercialization Center (bio)

  • Contact Paul regarding the BCCC, new crop systems and agribusiness expansion opportunities and the annual Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase

Nandini Mendu, Ph.D., director, AgBiotech Enterprise & Technology Development (bio)

  • Contact Nandini regarding AgBiosphere, the Ag Biotech Professional Forum series and the Ag Biotech Industry in the Classroom program  

Michelle VonCannon, CSEP, program coordinator, Agricultural Biotechnology (bio)

  • Contact Michelle regarding Initiative marketing and communications efforts including the AgBioTEXT newsletter, online resources, Initiative speaking and sponsorship requests for your programs, your news/events submissions, the biannual AgBiotech Economic Growth Reports and the Ag Biotech Summit

Maria Welsh, project manager, Biotechnology Crop Commercialization Center (bio)

  • Contact Maria regarding current BCCC projects including animal feed grains, biomass feedstocks, oil seeds, and natural food ingredients


NC AgBiotech Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is composed of 18 to 24 leaders representing institutions and vantage points key to ag biotech development in N.C.  Strategic Project Workgroups generate activities surrounding summits, marketing, economic development, public issue awareness, leader engagement, education, global partnerships, and awards.